The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of…….

We have a secret that we have been bursting to tell you!!

We had a breeding 3 weeks ago and Quivari’s been feeling a little morning sickness! It looks like we have a litter coming in June !!

Our beautiful Quivari has been bred to  “Harvey”.

Yes! The one and only MBIS MBISS BPISS MBPIS BBIS Am GCH Can GCH Ex. Roaneden’s Int’l Harvester WC CGN JH JAM ROM, Canada’s Top Winning Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever of all time.

We are incredibly grateful and honoured to have this rare opportunity to raise and place what is certain to be a distinguished group of puppies.

Harvey has won 12 Best In Show titles and multiple Best in Specialty Show. His accomplishments in both Canada and the United States are far too extensive to list here so we invite you to follow this link to his page at .

If you are interested in applying for one of these very special puppies, please contact us here.

Tollers, Testing and CDDY: It’s a Good Thing

A new genetic test was announced in October, 2017 for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.
This test is looking for the presence of a gene (CDDY) that can cause Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), a progressive and potentially life-threatening disease in Tollers.
As many of you know, we are fostering a Toller named Kayla who developed IVDD at age 6 and is now suffering a partial paralysis from it.

One of the people who volunteer at our Kennel has taken it upon herself  to  raise awareness about IVDD and the impact of this disease on dogs and their families..

Please join Sherri on Sunday, May 13, 2018 for a CDDY Testing Clinic and Fundraiser.

In addition to testing, Sherri will be speaking about Kayla’s experience with this disease and how to identify and minimize the impact of it. Proceeds from this event will go to Toller Rescue Inc.

Registration in advance is required.

Red Shadow’s First Barn Hunt Title!

We are so proud to announce the latest title earned by one of our owners and their dog!

Bruce, Sierra and Terra (RedShadow’s Terra Nova) have earned their RIT (Rat Instinct Title)!!!

Barn Hunt is designed to measure the hunting instinct of the dog and the handling abilities of the handler. This particular test involved 3 tubes, one empty, one with nesting / bedding and one with live vermin.
Terra was required to identify the correct tube hidden in a simulated farm yard/hay loft scenario in a limited amount of time. Terra was successful and earned a pass on the Rat Instinct Test.
In fact, both Handlers and Terra passed with flying colours!
Congratulations to each of you!!

We are incredibly proud of how hard you work to help Terra reach her full potential!!

Riley’s Most Wonderful Victory Lap!

As many of you know, our beloved Riley (GCh. Roaneden’s Moral High Road RA ) was treated for a Mast Cell Tumour (Cancer) in 2016.
To celebrate his incredible recovery and retirement from our breeding program, we took Riley on a “Victory Lap” in August of 2017.

Riley entered 3 local dog shows in early August, taking Best of Breed each day. He then went on to participate in the 2017 Canadian Toller National!

While at the National, Shauna was approached by a wonderful young lady named Hailee Lavigueur.  Hailee had entered into the Junior Handler Competition and needed a dog to take into the ring.

The Junior Handler Competition is unique in that the talent and capabilities of the Handler is being assessed, not the dog.

Riley is an old soul and happy to be with everyone! Shauna knew that he was showing really well and would do his best with Hailee.

We were so thrilled when Hailee was awarded a 1st place in the Intermediate Open Class and went on to win Best Overall Junior Handler at the National with our Riley by her side!!!

Our sincerest congratulations to Hailee on her fantastic win. We are so excited for this bright young talent and look forward to seeing her in the ring!

We would also like to thank Hailee for allowing our Riley to share in a small part in her wonderful accomplishment. We could not have found a better way to honour and celebrate the show career of this very special boy!!

Congratulations to Rylee and her Family!!

Nothing is as special to a breeder as when our owners work with our dogs to reach their full potential.

One of the puppies from our 2015 True Blood, Rylee, lives in Kentucky.  Her family saw her specialness  early on and have been working with her since she was a puppy.

Their efforts have paid off in spades!

In  September of 2017, Rylee became the first Red Shadow Toller to earn her American Kennel Club Champion Title cialis generika preis. This title is awarded as a result of Rylee entering competition with other Tollers and consistently being acknowledge by the judges as the best example of the Toller breed standard.

Rylee takes Best of Opposite at the Tennesse Valley Kennel Club Show

The hard work Rylee’s family did with her didn’t stop there.

In February of 2018, Rylee also became the first Red Shadow Toller to earn
her American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen award. The Canine Good Citizen program is considered the gold standard for dog behavior. Each of the 10 tests a dog is required to pass for this award are designed to prove that the dog will conduct itself well in the presence of family and strangers.

Rylee’s accomplishments will be forever registered with the American Kennel Club. These honours represent the very special relationship this family has with Rylee and the hours of time and devotion spent bringing out the very best of her.
Rylee has now earned the right to use the honourifics associated to these accomplishments.

Red Shadow Kennels is very proud to introduce  “AKC Ch. Redshadow’s First Impression CGC”.

Congratulations to Rylee and her family!  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your love and for everything you do to provide your girl with such a rich and rewarding life!

They’re Here!!!

Red Shadow Kennels welcomed The Lady and The Tramp Litter on December 5th, 2017.
Our early Christmas present was six girls and one boy.
All puppies are healthy and beautifully marked!
This was Hadley’s first litter and she is proving to be a natural!
Hadley was bred to multiple award winning BIS MRBIS Can GrCHX SeaTerrace’s History Muse Clio WC RN FDX CGN (Buck).

We thank you for your interest in this litter but all puppies are spoken for.

An Early Christmas Present!!

Santa may be coming early to Red Shadow!

BBPIG GCh. RedShadow’s Tuff Act To Follow RA CD  (Hadley) was bred earlier this week to the multiple award winning BIS MRBIS Can GrCHX SeaTerrace’s History Muse Clio WC RN FDX CGN (Buck)!!

Hadley is a bright, spirited girl with high intelligence and tremendous focus.Her markings are very flashy, her movement is graceful and balanced within a solid structure.
Hadley won Best Baby Puppy in Group at her only weekend of showing as a baby puppy. In Limited showing, Hadley went on to win multiple Best of Breeds, including 4 in a row and multiple Best of Opposite, one of which was at the prestigious South Western Retriever Specialty.
Hadley completed her Grand Champion title at the 2017 SD&G show, winning Best of Opposite twice in a field of 30 Tollers.

Buck was Canada’s Number 1 Toller in Conformation and the number 4 Sporting Dog in 2015. Buck is also a Best In Show winner, a multiple Reserve Best In Show Winner and has won 11 Group wins and over 50 Group Placements
He is an accomplished performance dog, having successfully competed for his Working Certificate (WC), Field Dog Excellent(FDX) and Rally Novice (RN) titles. As a indicator of his wonderful temperament, Buck has also received his Canine Good Neighbour title (CGN).

If Mother Nature works her magic, we will have puppies in the house around December 7th!
To view the pedigree of this outstanding litter, click here.

We need Your Vote!

One of the puppies from our Circle of Life Litter has been shortlisted for Animal Wellness Magazine!!
The amazing Summer was spotted at Woofstock and offered the chance to compete for a cover feature!!

We think she is worth a cover shot but we need your help to do it!
Please click on the link below and cast your vote!
The best part of this contest is that it is simple! You don’t need to register!
Good Luck, Summer! We are all cheering for you!!

Summer Sits!!

Our most recent Toller Celebrity, Summer, is back on the CBC website this week with a new video installment on how to teach your dog to sit!

In this installment, Summer works with Trainer Danielle to hone her skills for impulse control.
We are so proud of Summer and her Mom Ash for participating in this series.
It is wonderful seeing our dogs out doing amazing things in the community and with their families!

Another Red Shadow Celebrity!

Did you follow our 2016 Circle of Life Litter on Facebook and Instagram?
One of our girls from that litter has become one of the demonstration dogs for the Pets Section on the CBC website!

In this video, Summer and her trainer Danielle Hodges from Follow the Leader shows viewers how to teach their dogs not to jump up on them.

Summer will be featured again in a few weeks in another segment!

Congratulations to Summer and her Mom Ash for becoming our latest media darlings!!
If you would like to see Summer in her demo dog debut, follow the link below.
You can follow Summer’s other amazing adventures on Instagram at @summer_the_toller.

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