Available Puppies

Current Available Puppies

Current Litter: : We are now accepting application for TWO of the puppies from our “Shark Litter” that were born November 1st. (Updates: Facebook & Instagram!)

We are looking for very active families who are wanting a dog to take everywhere and that will be part of their active life. Most of all families who are dedicated to giving our Tollers the “Job”/ Mental Stimulation the breed needs. Given how intelligent this breed is, it means they need different types of performance sports (Casual or Competitive) in their life. Tollers are one if the top breeds for activities like: Puzzle games, Trick Training, Agility, Rally Obedience, Scent Detection & much more!

These special pups need a home that is dog-centric with a family who will is dedicated to working & training them.  There is no question these pups will be high drive,  rocket scientists, & for the right family, they can do such amazing things with their family!

Reef Shark (Female)

Hammerhead Shark (Male)


We currently do not have any older puppies/ dogs available for adoption.

We do get inquires from time to time asking if we have any retired dogs or Senior Dogs available. We keep ALL our main dogs for life, they are our furr babies and family members first above all, so once they retired they will always remain with us.

We have been fortunate based the families we approved and the process we have to never have one of our dogs in a situation of rehoming, however we have this area should this ever change and we be looking for the right family for one of our Red Shadow babies needing a 2nd home for some reason.