How to Buy a Dog

Red Shadow Kennel’s How to Buy a Dog

Are you a dog lover who is ready for an addition to your family? Do you want to help reduce the number of dogs looking for homes?

With the power of your money and understanding how to find reputable sellers, you can pick the perfect dog for your family and reduce the number of unwanted dogs, puppy mills and back yard breeders.

When you are looking for your first dog or second, navigating the maze of breeds, breeders and rescues is daunting. Here are everything you need to know about how to find the perfect addition to your fur family without losing money to unscrupulous sellers.

First things First-You Have a Huge Disadvantage
All Dogs are cute. Puppies are even cuter.
This is your Achilles heel and Rescues/Breeders know this.
You will fall in love with the first one that comes your way and your heart will convince you to buy “rescue” that cute (too young/sick/deformed) dog from a bad rescue/breeder.
There is only one way to combat this urge to make an impulse purchase.
Do your research.
Use the internet and phone to get sense of the seller before you ever get in front of a puppy.  Use this guide to ask tough questions and get good answers.

Do you know what a scammer is like? Read this!
Did you know?
The law sees a puppy as property. Take this to heart and approach your purchase the same way you would buy a car. This is not an adoption or a rescue. This is a purchase with a cost of at least $20,000 to $30,000 over an average 12 year lifespan.
Take Your Time.
Few people can afford to make a  $20,000 purchase on impulse. On average, it should take you 3 weeks or more to find a breeder or a rescue and to properly interview the person who is offering the dog for sale. It make take up to a year for a puppy from a good breeder

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