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Contact Us

Red Shadow Kennels is a CKC Registered breeding kennel located in Hampton, Ontario, Canada.

We hope we have answered most of your questions on our website.

Wondering when our next litter is coming or if we have  puppies available? Click Here.
Do we have mature dogs available? Click Here.
Puppies are made available to families based on an application process. Want to know what to expect? Click Here.
Do you have questions about our breeding program? Click Here and Here.
Do you have questions about Tollers in general? Click Here and Here.

Application process is “OPEN”!! **Please Visit our Upcoming Litters & Available Puppies Pages regarding our current and future puppies**

Required questions when contacting us:

1.) Why are you interested in a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever? What type of Performance Sports or Mental Stimulation do you plan to do with your pup? (All Tollers need “A Job” & Exercise).
2.) Why are you interested in Red Shadow Kennels?
3.) What sort of Relationship are you looking for with a Breeder/ Kennel?
4.)Where are you Located?

IMPORTANT: PLEASE FOLLOW UP & CHECK JUNK MAIL! If you don’t receive our puppy package or hear from us within 5 days of messaging us, PLEASE follow up! We reply to EVERYBODY 🙂 who contacts us & have found our emails can get lost in the junk mail or not make it to families.

We want families to get our messages & receive the information we provide! We also ask that when you do get our email, to send us a reply confirming you got it 🙂


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