Marshland’s Rise Of A Phoenix JH WC RA CD ATD
‘Phoenix’ (2006-2021)

Through her, we opened ourselves to a profound love and joy.
We now feel the profound loss and sadness of her passing.
……for she was our Heart Dog.

If there was ever a special Toller, Phoenix was it.

Outstanding intelligence, insane drive and a desire to work that won’t quit, this little mismarked bitch had just too many excellent Toller qualities in her personality to remove her from the breeding pool.

Back then, we may have questioned our sanity, but today and every day, her progeny validate our decision.

She has produced outstanding puppies in temperament and intelligence. Her offspring are Champions and Grand Champions. Some have placed #12 in Canada

Marshland’s Rise Of A Phoenix JH WC RA CD ATD ‘Phoenix’

Phoenix continued to compete in Obedience, Rally, Hunt and Trick until she passed.

We love all of our dogs equally, yet we loved her more equally than others .

To view Phoenix’s pedigree, visit¬†here.