Our Mentorship Programs

If your passion is dogs and you want to learn more about becoming a breeder, we can help!
Red Shadow Kennels offers 3 free mentorship programs for up and coming Breeders.

The Puppy Program

Proteges who join our 10 week puppy program will learn about following:

-Canine Reproduction and Whelping
-Care of Neonates
-Introduction to Puppy Culture Protocols
-How to Microchip puppies
-How to deworm puppies
-Free access to our Canine Nutrition and Vaccination Seminars

This program is offered roughly every 7 months and is times around the arrive of our litters. It is best suited to anyone in veterinary or are thinking of becoming a breeder. A minimum commitment of 3 hours per week is required.

The Handler Program

Proteges who join our 3 month Handler program will have the opportunity to join us at CKC Sanctioned Conformation, Rally or Basic Obedience shows where they will learn the ins and outs of registering, grooming, showing or competing their own dog.

This program is best suited to novice handlers who are want to enter their dog in CKC Sanctioned events. Attendees are required to pay their own entry fees and any costs for travel and equipment.

The Breeder Program

Proteges who join our 5 month Breeder program will have 24-7 support as you prepare to breed and whelp your own litter.
If you are local, we are willing come to your location to help you prepare. If you are remote, we can support you by phone and video.

This program is best suited to first time breeders who would like support from conception to placement. Breeders are required to pay for all supplies and veterinary expenses required by their dog for a safe whelping.

The Red Shadow Mentorship Program

Ready to show your commitment to this the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever?
Our premier program is for proteges wanting to learn everything there is to know to start their own Kennel.
You will be shadowing us through all aspects of our kennel operation including training, dog shows, whelping, marketing and brand building.
If you make it through the program and have shown us that your commitment and values are similar to ours, we will help you secure a suitable dog to start your very own breeding program.

This program is best suited to breeders new to this sport who have a strong set of ethics, are financially sound and are prepared to commit to their puppies for life.