Upcoming Litters

Our Application Process is now OPEN!!

Current Litter(s):

1.) Shark Litter: We are still accepting application for ONE Female Puppy who is from our “Shark Litter” that were born Nov 1st, 2023 & are now 6 months old.

2.) The Marine Litter: Our Maine Litter was Born April 30, 2024, We are accepting application for them. For approved families they would be going home Mid-July.

3.) Late 2024/ Early 2025: While we do have plans for a litter around this time, Right now we are asking that families not submit their application to us till at least late Summer 2024, as right now we do need to focus on our current puppies & application for them. Families are still welcome to reach out for our application package to at least get the information needed top prepare and start the process. **We also  strongly encourage families who are very serious about future litters to be following up, making themselves known and staying in contact as it can be hard for us to keep up & this will only better our ability to focus on serious applications/ Inquiries first**

Future Litters: Our policy is that we do not start any interviews/ approvals with families until about 6 months before we plan to have a litter. This is due to our limited time and litter order, but also because we know a lot can change for both us and the families situations so its important the connection with families is at a good time for when they hope to bring a baby home and we are getting to know each other at the time.            

Before Contacting: Please make sure you have read over our website.

Discuss puppy ownership with your family and make sure all are on board.
When you do get an application, be thorough when completing it. Personalize it. Each question we ask has a purpose so dig a bit deeper with your answers.

Remember, we love our puppies a lot…really a lot…Your application is your chance to tell how you are going to get these dogs we love live their very best lives in your care.

We value people who want to learn as much as we value existing knowledge so don’t be afraid to let us know in the application where you want to learn more. We are looking for people who share our love of this breed, want to learn (along with us!) more about dog care and are into exercise, training or living a dog-centric life.
We do take into account the level of commitment, time and thoroughness that families are putting into applying.

Required questions when ready to contact us:

1.) Why are you interested in a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever? What type of Performance Sports or Mental Stimulation do you plan to do with your pup? (All Tollers need “A Job” & Exercise).
2.) Why are you interested in Red Shadow Kennels?
3.) What sort of Relationship are you looking for with a Breeder/ Kennel?
4.)Where are you Located?

IMPORTANT: PLEASE FOLLOW UP & CHECK JUNK MAIL! If you don’t receive our puppy package or hear from us within 5 days of messaging us, PLEASE follow up! We reply to EVERYBODY 🙂 who contacts us & have found our emails can get lost in the junk mail or not make it to families.

All Red Shadow puppies are raised in a family setting. They will have exposure to other dogs, cats, and children. We also provide an accelerated stimulation program where puppies are exposed to a wide variety of sights, smells, tastes and textures in order to develop tolerance, courage and a healthy curiosity of the world.

Red Shadow puppies are available to their fur-ever homes at 10 weeks of age.