Our Grooming Services

Our Love of Tollers Runs Deep and We Want to Meet Yours!

For this reason, we provide an exclusive offer to other Toller Owners in the GTA!
We are offering Show Quality grooming services with very competitive pricing for you and your dog.
Tollers are the only breed we offer this special service to!!

Your puppy’s experience starts with a bath and conditioning treatment using the same shampoos and conditioners we use on our own show dogs! Your puppy is then brushed and dried, removing any loose hairs.
We will then perform a Full Show Clip and final brush out.
With the permission of our owners, all natural treats will be provided during the visit and your dog is welcome to play with our puppies during their visit.

We guarantee that we will do everything to make your dog comfortable during their visit!! If you are interested in an appointment, please contact Shauna here!!