What Our Owners are Saying

“Full credit goes to this wonderful kennel, which trains its puppies from their earliest days via the comprehensive and effective Puppy Culture program. They carefully match approved owners with the right puppy, give us training about their raw feeding program, and then remain connected to each of us via social media after our puppies are home. We feel supported and know that Red Shadow always has our back. My husband and I are grateful to be part of this wonderful Toller family.”
-L. Huget, Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA
“We are extremely pleased and proud to be owners of a Red Shadow Kennels toller. Our puppy is over one year old now, and we are still amazed by her intelligence, temperament, and beauty. ¬†Our puppy has shown from an early age the ability to adapt well to all situations – for example, she is not afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, she walks over sewer grates and uneven surfaces without problems. We are proud to be members of the Red Shadow Kennels family and would highly recommend Shauna as a breeder and the Puppy Culture program.”
-C. Chan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Red Shadow Tollers are available to us forever. I can’t tell you how many times I have had simple questions about food, health, grooming, etc. and they are just a text/message away. They never mind and always want to hear all of the exciting things our sweet girl does. I feel like I have gained such great friends that feel like family to us. Our sweet Rylee is now one year old. When I am ready for another Toller pup, I will absolutely drive 14 hours again to purchase from this breeder. You will not find anyone better! I promise you! They are amazing!”
-C. Presley, Richmond, Kentucky, USA
“The knowledge they have about the Toller breed, vaccine protocol, and overall care and maintenance, is beyond what we ever expected. Their mission is not to just breed puppies to sell. They are devoted to developing the best possible Tollers page. Their never ending support with raising the puppy, from continued e-mail alerts for vaccine timing, nail care, teething, and just general information to help you care for your puppy, are examples of their commitment, beyond taking the puppy home. They are continually educating themselves to maintain the best quality care, not only for their own pack of exceptional show dogs, but to better serve their puppy families.
Our experience was over the top. We cannot say enough about it. Their love, understanding, commitment, desire and drive for the well being of their litters is overwhelming. Thank you for the opportunity to become part of the family”
-M. Benner, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA