We Are Not Alone

The dogs of Red Shadow Kennels are raised in urban family homes probably a lot like yours. Our home is in a well established subdivision near Toronto on a modest 100×60 lot.
Like most dog owners, we do regular tick checks on our dogs when they come back in from field training or walks to a local dog park.
However, with puppies in the house, we are hesitant to take our dogs too far afield. We don’t want them bring in a disease, virus or parasites that might harm the puppies.
So you could imagine our surprise this afternoon when we discovered that mother nature decided to come to us. One of our dogs picked up a tick, literally in our own back yard.

The good news is, based on the size, the tick had only been attached for around five hours. We were able to remove it completely.
The bad news is, it is a deer tick, known to carry Lyme disease in our area.
We are very confident that our dog has not contracted Lyme disease from this tick. This tick was very small and had likely attached some time this morning,
We are also aware that urban wildlife like birds, rabbits, mice, raccoons and skunks will continue to bring little gifts like this to our door.
The animals in our home must checked regularly throughout the summer and we humans will also have to be on the lookout.
If you are not already educated on the different tick species in your area and the tick preventatives available, we recommend you start looking into the right solution for you.
Also, now is the time to search Google and learn how to properly remove ticks. Consider assembling tick-removal kits for your home, cottage and vehicles containing rubbing alcohol, a small container and tweezers or a tick removal tool. If you want to have your vet test any found tick for diseases endemic to your area, you will want to include a small container to preserve and transport it.
The most important thing to remember is that there is no cause to panic. Ticks live where we live and they can be managed. Proper identification and quick removal are the best way to prevent the transmission of tick-borne disease.
With regular scans, your dog will enjoy a safe and adventurous summer, free of any tick-borne diseases!

Midnight By the Whelping Box – A Red Shadow Library Update

If you are going to stay up at night supervising newborn puppies, you might as well take the time to get other things done!

We are pleased to announce the addition of another article into our Red Shadow Owners Library!

As a part of our in-person Seminar Series, we often speak to the importance of supervising and moderating the work and play of a young dog.

With a new litter in the house and summer coming on, we thought it was time to put our advice to paper and outline specifically the kinds of activities you can enjoy with your new Red Shadow puppy!

The Red Shadow Library is an online resource available to all of our Puppy Owners. If you would like to know more about the Library, our breeding program or get information on our upcoming litters, feel free to contact us here

Another Milestone for Red Shadow Kennels

If you have watched Red Shadow Kennels over the past few years, you have seen our young Kennel grow, mature and reach new milestones.
We are pleased to announce that we have reach another!
For the first time ever, Red Shadow Kennels is promoting one of our dogs in national trade magazines!
We hope you enjoy our beloved Verin’s first advertisement in Canadian Dog Fanciers! As his accomplishments continue to grow, we will see him in many more features!

The Olympus Litter

Red Shadow Kennels welcomed our 2017 Olympus Litter yesterday with the arrival of 6 healthy girls and 3 spirited boys.

Sire is CH Redwyn’s no Hiphop at Hard Rock CD RA AGX AGXJ, call name “Jet”. Our Dam is RedShadow’s Dramatic Entrance RA CD, call name “Quivari”
We are beyond delighted with the depth of red in their coats and their brilliant markings.
Here are their names, in birth order and their corresponding collar colour:

Zeus-yellow,                              Athena-dark purple,
Aphrodite-hot pink,               Hera-light pink,
Gaia-light green,                     Theia-light purple,
Selene-orange,                        Posiden-dark blue

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Is Spring Bugging You?

We have another update to our Red Shadow Library!
By now most owners have gotten a call from their veterinarian telling them that they are due for a Spring checkup!
One topic that is sure to come up during that visit is how to manage the bugs of Summer!
While we already have articles in our Library on Heartworm and Parasite prevention, we thought it worthwhile to help our owners understand their options when dealing with ticks and tick-borne diseases.
We hope our owners enjoy this latest addition to the Health Section of our Library. If you have any questions about this article or you have a subject you would like us to research and write on, please let us know!

Awh, Shucks!!

You guys are so amazing!! 
We have been completely overwhelmed with the interest from our future furever homes since our announcement of our “Olympus” Litter.

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to apply. 

At this point, our waiting list for the Olympus litter is full and we cannot accept any further applicants. 

We have to ask for your patience as things are about to get very busy here for us. Shauna’s schedule is packed as she takes on a few remaining interviews, her exams, work, dog shows and the support of our existing families ..all between now and Quivari’s due date of May 1st!!

If you are interested in our upcoming Winter 2017 litter, we ask that you contact us towards the third week of May when our schedule has returned to normal. We will have more time to walk you through the application process and give you the attention you deserve!!

Thank you for your interest and patience!


For the Love of All Dogs

We have a lot of love for our Tollers, both as our own family pets and as a breed. Purebreds give us the luxury of buying a pet that is predictable in size and temperment. This breed also allows us the latitude to choose forever homes who are emotionally and financially ready to add to their family.
We know how lucky we are to represent this very special breed.

Through our work with this breed, we get to meet other dog lovers. Through them, we learn how hard local rescue organizations work to help the dogs that are not so fortunate. Rescue dogs come from difficult situations where owners can’t care for them, won’t care for them or are not kind to them.
Many of these dogs come with special challenges. They may be seniors or suffering for disease or disability. They may see the world in a way that is not healthy.
The organizations who take up this challenge are run by people who have seen the worst of the worst. Yet every day, they put their best foot forward trying to find high quality homes for these dogs who just need a second chance.

Red Shadow Kennels believes all dogs deserve a furever home. For this reason, we work with rescue organizations in our community to help them wherever possible.
One program we support every year is the Furry Friends 5K in Whitby, Ontario.
Red Shadow Kennels proudly enters a team of tollers and Friends. Proceeds from this 5-kilometer walk go to the Durham Region Humane Society as well as other rescue organizations in the Greater Toronto area. If you are interested in joining our team this June 4th, contact us either on Facebook or on our website and let us know. We will be happy to send you the information you need and you can join us!

We are also fortunate to periodically receive food and toy donations from companies such as Hills and Royal Canin. These donations may come as a result of winning in competitions or from the different conferences and trade shows we attend. Recently, Hills gave us some samples of their Metabolic Dog food. We were thrilled to donate them to SHARP Canada- Siberian Husky Assistance & Rescue Program. SHARP does amazing work in the community placing Siberians as well as educating the public on this very unique breed.

Compared to the men and women who donate their time to these rescue organizations, our contributions are only a small drop in a very large bucket. However, drops have a funny way of adding up. If you have a little food, a little toy, a little time or a little space, offer to help a rescue organization in your community.
Let the love you have for your dog spill over to help others.​

Litter Theme and Library Update!

One of the fun things we get to do when planning a litter of puppies is come up with a creative theme name for the litter.
Themes help us create temporary names for our puppies until they are named by forever homes.
We try to choose themes that will give us enough names for all the girls and boys, but if you have followed  us with our Circle of Life Litter, you know we had some challenges! The Circle of Life/Lion King Theme had mostly male characters and, as luck would have it, We had 7 girls and 1 boy!
Well, with the help of our Instagram and Facebook  followers, we have found a theme for our next litter!

Our upcoming May, 2017 litter will be known as “The Olympus Litter”.
Each puppies will be named after one of the Greek Gods, Goddesses or Demi-Gods!

Do you have a favourite Greek God/Goddess name that you would like us to use for one of the puppies? Let us know your ideas!!

For our current Red Shadow Owners, we would like to announce two more updates to your Owners Only Library!
Please check the Health Section for our new Heartworm article. With Spring on the horizon and Vets sending out reminders, we thought it was important to get this one out to you so you were prepared.
One of the things you probably didn’t know about Heartworm is that you may have more options for treatment than you thought! With Tollers being susceptible to auto-immune disorders, there are several clever ways you can optimize your Heartworm protocol!
Also in the Health section is our new “Puppies and Vaccines Seminar”. This new seminar will be presented to all new Red Shadow Owners before picking up their puppy.
We encourage our existing owners to take a look at this presentation. While most of the material applies to dogs under 12 months of age, there will be valuable information for older dogs as well.

How to Treat a Poisoned Dog

Owning a Toller is like being in a competition with a person almost as smart as you are. You are not always able to keep ahead of your dog.
Recently, we have had several of our families tell us that their dogs have gotten into things that had the potential to be dangerous. In once instance, the pup discovered Tea Tree Oil. In the other instance, the dog developed a taste for topical pain cream.
Most people are unaware that both of these common household items are toxic to the point of being life threatening.
If you have not yet experienced that moment when your dog has eaten something it shouldn’t, you have been lucky. Most owners will have this scare at least once in their dog’s lifetime.
With all this in mind, we thought it was time to write an article on How to Treat a Poisoned Dog.
The article is different than others we have written. The first page assumes you have an immediate emergency and need help figuring out what to do next.
The rest of the article is written to help you prepare for when it happens next.
The article includes information on:

  • Your dog is poisoned, how to decide what to do next.
  • Poison Control phone number and reference websites
  • What you should have on hand in the event of a poisoning.
  • What you need in an overall first aid kit.
  • Detail on how to treat bee stings, topical toxins and ingested toxins.
  • A list of items that are in your home now and are toxic.
  • Learn how something not toxic can become life threatening if eaten.
  • Here is a list of safe over-the-counter medicines and their dosages that can be used for injuries and ailments.

This article is now available for download from our Red Shadow Library under the Health section.
Our Red Shadow Library is an Owners Only Library.  Access is one of the many perks that comes with owning a Red Shadow Dog!
Please take the time to read over this important information and let us know if you have any questions. As always, we are here if you need any immediate help.
Do you have any suggestions for new articles? We would love to hear from you!
If you are one of our owners and do not already have access to our Owners-Only Library, please contact us on Facebook or through our Contact page here. We will be happy to set that up for you.

Love is in the Air here at Red Shadow Kennels!!

We are very proud to announce the Sire of our upcoming May 2017 Litter!

Introducing CH Redwyn’s no Hiphop at Hard Rock CD RA AGX AGXJ

“Jet” is one of Canada’s Top Tollers in Agility and was the number two All-Breed dog in Canada in Agility for 2014. He is an outstanding boy who has excelled in Agility, Obedience and Conformation in both Canada and the United States. Jet’s solid proportions and excellent structure have been passed to his offspring, resulting in a correct size and temperament with a special emphasis on performance and drive.
Jet’ s pedigree can be viewed at: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=757431

Our Dam for this litter will be RedShadow’s Dramatic Entrance RA CD.

“Quivari” is the daughter of our foundation Bitch, Marshland’s Rise of a Phoenix JH, WC, RA, CD and BVISS Can/Am CH. Seastar’S Roaneden Darkwater WC JH CD.
Quivari has exceptionally high intelligence and drive along with tremendous focus. Her markings are flashy, her movement is graceful and balanced within a solid structure. Quivari consistently produces extremely biddable puppies with exceptional drive.
Quivari’s pedigree can be viewed at: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=760515

If you are looking for a high energy dog with a strong work ethic, this will be a litter you want to seriously consider.. With Jet’s substance and proven performance in Agility coupled with Quivari’s intense drive and flat-out speed, we are expecting these puppies will be uniquely suited to high performance disciplines such as Hunt, Agility and Obedience.

If you would like ore information about these dogs or our breeding program, please contact us here.

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