What is the application process?

If you think you and your family are ready, here is what you need to do to apply:

1. Contact us here and ask for one of our Puppy Packages.

2. Complete the Questionnaire  completely and return it. This questionnaire is our first impression of you and  gives us the details we need to match a puppy.

3. We will book you for a conference call. We want to know you better and gather more information. Have your Questionnaire with you so we can go over it.

4. We will take a couple of days to review what you have given us and determine whether we have a suitable puppy to offer you

5. For families that live locally, we may ask you out for a visit.  Regardless of the distance, all applicants are welcome to visit us.

Because of the large number of inquires we get, the application process can sometimes take several weeks to complete. We ask for your patience during this time.