For the Love of All Dogs

We have a lot of love for our Tollers, both as our own family pets and as a breed. Purebreds give us the luxury of buying a pet that is predictable in size and temperment. This breed also allows us the latitude to choose forever homes who are emotionally and financially ready to add to their family.
We know how lucky we are to represent this very special breed.

Through our work with this breed, we get to meet other dog lovers. Through them, we learn how hard local rescue organizations work to help the dogs that are not so fortunate. Rescue dogs come from difficult situations where owners can’t care for them, won’t care for them or are not kind to them.
Many of these dogs come with special challenges. They may be seniors or suffering for disease or disability. They may see the world in a way that is not healthy.
The organizations who take up this challenge are run by people who have seen the worst of the worst. Yet every day, they put their best foot forward trying to find high quality homes for these dogs who just need a second chance.

Red Shadow Kennels believes all dogs deserve a furever home. For this reason, we work with rescue organizations in our community to help them wherever possible.
One program we support every year is the Furry Friends 5K in Whitby, Ontario.
Red Shadow Kennels proudly enters a team of tollers and Friends. Proceeds from this 5-kilometer walk go to the Durham Region Humane Society as well as other rescue organizations in the Greater Toronto area. If you are interested in joining our team this June 4th, contact us either on Facebook or on our website and let us know. We will be happy to send you the information you need and you can join us!

We are also fortunate to periodically receive food and toy donations from companies such as Hills and Royal Canin. These donations may come as a result of winning in competitions or from the different conferences and trade shows we attend. Recently, Hills gave us some samples of their Metabolic Dog food. We were thrilled to donate them to SHARP Canada- Siberian Husky Assistance & Rescue Program. SHARP does amazing work in the community placing Siberians as well as educating the public on this very unique breed.

Compared to the men and women who donate their time to these rescue organizations, our contributions are only a small drop in a very large bucket. However, drops have a funny way of adding up. If you have a little food, a little toy, a little time or a little space, offer to help a rescue organization in your community.
Let the love you have for your dog spill over to help others.‚Äč

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