Litter Theme and Library Update!

One of the fun things we get to do when planning a litter of puppies is come up with a creative theme name for the litter.
Themes help us create temporary names for our puppies until they are named by forever homes.
We try to choose themes that will give us enough names for all the girls and boys, but if you have followed  us with our Circle of Life Litter, you know we had some challenges! The Circle of Life/Lion King Theme had mostly male characters and, as luck would have it, We had 7 girls and 1 boy!
Well, with the help of our Instagram and Facebook  followers, we have found a theme for our next litter!

Our upcoming May, 2017 litter will be known as “The Olympus Litter”.
Each puppies will be named after one of the Greek Gods, Goddesses or Demi-Gods!

Do you have a favourite Greek God/Goddess name that you would like us to use for one of the puppies? Let us know your ideas!!

For our current Red Shadow Owners, we would like to announce two more updates to your Owners Only Library!
Please check the Health Section for our new Heartworm article. With Spring on the horizon and Vets sending out reminders, we thought it was important to get this one out to you so you were prepared.
One of the things you probably didn’t know about Heartworm is that you may have more options for treatment than you thought! With Tollers being susceptible to auto-immune disorders, there are several clever ways you can optimize your Heartworm protocol!
Also in the Health section is our new “Puppies and Vaccines Seminar”. This new seminar will be presented to all new Red Shadow Owners before picking up their puppy.
We encourage our existing owners to take a look at this presentation. While most of the material applies to dogs under 12 months of age, there will be valuable information for older dogs as well.

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