How to Buy a Dog5

Choosing a Rescue Organization

Not all Rescue Organizations are the same. You can purchase from the City Pound, a Humane Society, the SPCA or smaller “not for profit” organizations. There are even Rescue Organizations that operate for profit .

Choose a Rescue Organization that shares your vision of dog ownership and is willing to support you for the lifetime of your dog.

Ask the following questions of those you are considering:

      1- What is their screening process?


      2- What is their return policy on the dog.


      3- What is their policy on refunds? Is there is condition or time limit?


      4- What is their policy on spay and neuter? Early Spay/Neuter can result in an increased incidence of autoimmune disorders and hip dysplasia.


      5- What is their policy on vaccinations?


      6- What is their policy on medical expenses for pre-existing medical conditions such as hip dysplasia?


      7- Do they do behavioural testing on their dogs? What kind of testing is done?


    8- Can you take the dog for a trial period? For how long? Who is responsible for food and medical expenses during the trial?

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