How to Buy a Dog3

Choosing between a Mixed Breed or a Purebred.

People choose mixed breeds because they either appear to be cheaper. They can be obtained from rescues, off the internet and from local advertisements. While initially cheaper, the ongoing costs of providing food and health care are comparable to that of a purebred.
Mixed breeds (especially “designer dogs” like goldendoodles) may come from breeders who are not inclined to performing genetic testing on the parents or performing puppy development exercises for the puppies. This means that mixed breeds, even as puppies, may have behavioural issues that can increase the cost of ownership.

People who choose to buy purebred dogs are buying a dog with a predictable size, structure and temperament. However, unless the purebred is from a good breeder, new owners may still may be dealing with the same health and behavioural issues as you might have with a mixed breed.
If you decide to buy a purebred, use our “Choosing a Breeder Checklist” to help you find one.

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