Why do I need to have a fence? My dog is trained well and always supervised.

We have not yet lost any of our puppies to old age, but we have lost dogs where fencing was not adequate.
Our dogs have been killed by vehicles, stolen by thieves and have run off on their own.
Our owners were devastated.
In each case, a fence would have reduced or eliminated the chances of this happening.
A secured fence isn’t just to keep your dog in. It also keeps wildlife out.
With our experience in Veterinary Emergency Clinics, we have seen the trauma a coyote can cause..often.
In rural areas where fencing isn’t as common, coyote attacks are the second most common cause of death for dogs in emergency.
Dogs even twice the size of Tollers are still not strong enough to survive a coyote attack.

We trust our owners completely. We know that they put a lot of time into training their dogs.
We also know from experience that we can’t trust our furkids to always do the right thing.
Think of it this way. Fences make good neighbours. They also make excellent protection for your dog.