Reporting a TAIDC

Reporting A Toller Auto-Immune Disorder/Cancer

At Red Shadow Kennels, we feel it is important for Researchers, Breeders and Owners to understand more about Auto-Immune Disorders and Cancers in the Toller population.

Informally, Breeders and Owners have been able to identify certain “vents in a dog’s life that may trigger an abnormal immune response. This information is largely anecdotal and not reported.

We have created a spreadsheet and form as a first step towards gathering information

In developing this form, we knew we couldn’t anticipate every medical condition or circumstance that might be reported.
We are therefore counting on you to provide additional information by using the comments section(s). Please feel free to be as detailed as you want; add information like DOB, vaccine type and lot numbers, vaccine reactions including behaviour changes, diet and anything you think might have contributed to your dog’s condition.

The information gathered here is available to anyone who asks for it and will be provided in the form of a spreadsheet.  However, no personally identifying information such as Kennel Club Registration name, Call Name or Owner name will be included in that spreadsheet. This personally identifying information will only be used internally to help us identify duplicate entries for the same dog.
If your dog is suffering from multiple reportable medical conditions, please complete a separate form for each condition.

You can find the form here

Thank you for helping us on our journey to help us improve this breed. Your dog’s contribution here could make the lives of the next generation of Tollers healthier and longer.