How to Buy a Dog4

How to Decide between a Rescue, a Breeder or a Dog off the Internet?

Buying a rescue is a little like buying a used car.
If you are looking for something specific, you may not have a huge selection.
If you do find a dog of the kind of breed you are looking for, that dog may have gone places and experienced things you don’t know about. The dog may look good on the outside but you could be inheriting someone else’s problem both behaviourally and physically.

However, even dogs dealing with health or behavioural concerns need a good home to help them reach their potential. In many cases, they have had a tough haul and would thrive with the right kind of training, compassion and love. It is important that you mindfully decide if you are willing and able to do the work needed for these special dogs. If you are ready to provide this kind of support, there are many lovely dogs who need you.

A good rescue organization will help you through every step of making your decision. Not only will they carefully match you with a dog you can work with, but they will allow you to adopt the dog after a trial period. Most will also refund your adoption fee if the adoption doesn’t work out.

Regardless of whether you were buying from a breeder of mixed breeds or purebred, buying from a bad breeder is usually a nightmare. Their motivation is profit and they will say or do anything to get your money. There is never a reason to buy from a bad breeder, but knowing if you are dealing with one can be difficult. Download this document with our questions to ask when choosing a breeder.

Contrary to what is commonly thought, good quality dogs from excellent breeders can be found on websites like Facebook, Craigslist and Kijiji. The trick to finding a good dog on the internet is by expecting more of the person selling the dog. Ask all of the questions that you would ask of a breeder or rescue and never buy on impulse.
Buying from a good breeder should give you a healthy, well-behaved dog. If the dog is a purebred, you will receive a dog with a registered pedigree and have a contract with the breeder that will outline the health guarantee, the refund policy and conditions under which you can return the dog.

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